Ever loved so much that you love the other person more then you love yourself,

Fear of loving or being loved

Fear of believing in what love really feels like

Fear of never allowing yourself to love again

My pastor says if you have hope you have faith

Faith destroys all fears

So do I have Hope

Can I allow

Or will fear take over my life .

Only time will tell

God has not time only his

Your silly blogger



Love ! Is it real ?

Ever had that one person you always thought of and wondered what if ?

wondering why would that person have eyes for you,

what if you’re not their type.

we may smile here, smile there,

eye contact so strong that you start to blush

feeling butterfies in your stomach wondering why.

enjoying his / her conversation about life

intrigued by their way of thinking

falling for his / her mind

and then finally that one kiss


smiling some more

blushing a lot more

your creativity comes back

something was sparked


reality hits back

you’re to broken

you’re to hurt


you’re afraid

afraid to fall in love

afraid to trust , afraid to open up.

Your Silly Blogger


New year 2023

2022 has been a roller coaster dealing with so much lost

So much pain and hurt

Being a mother isn’t easy you have to divide yourself with responsibilities and time for yourself

Which I haven’t accomplish as of yet

Always working

Dealing with my school work


Forgetting about my past heartache

Trying to find myself in the summer

To be broken once again

Dam I say I don’t know what GOD is doing

But I’m still standing

Fighting for my daughter to show them I can’t never give up and they can’t either

Staying strong for my mother after finding out she has cancer

Man being strong sucks

Can I get a shoulder to cry on

Can I get a moment to just cry it all away

But I’m still standing

Starting fresh

With no negativity to surrounded me

Or drop me

I got this

God has this

Your silly blogger



Happy Holidays

Self Affirmation for the holidays !

What are your goal this coming New Years!

Instead of saying “starting this New Year’s, I want to lost weight and tone my body” which this is one of my goals.

write down what you need mentally:

What makes me happy?

What would bring me joy today?

What could give me pleasure today?

How can I stay positive today?

as you can see I asked myself what would I need TODAY, well giving yourself a daily goal would help you start with self-care

we sometimes forget what we need as adults,

we forget about what would we need to smile again

to be joyful

to enjoy every pleasure that’s been given.

I want to start with healing myself

heal from the past heartaches

find me again

enjoy life

laugh again

sing even if I can’t

write again

paint again

enjoy every creativity that pops in my head.

I want to be happy again I want to love again but the right way I want to be loved with-out lies, pain or regrets.

Just the real love !

Happy Holidays everyone!

Your silly blogger


Being Selfish

In life we or do I say I, think of our’s emotions before my own.

Learning this about about myself I think is time for me to start thinking about myself first.

someone told me putting ours before yourself isn’t safe, you are waiting to get yourself hurt.

I can’t help who I am, but I have learned to love me first before anyone.

I gave chances to people who have hurt me so deep and scattered me in pieces that it hurts me even more knowing how selfish others are.

I ask myself don’t they see the pain I have?

People like this don’t deserve people like me. or maybe GOD has other plans what ever it is I did my part of allowing the our person to heal from their mistakes.

now is my turn to live again or is this selfish. Am I allowed to love and to smile again to enjoy life again.

Can someone understand what we need in life?

Is it selfish to want to love and be loved the right way?

To be happy again ?

Those real love even exist any more?

Am I being selfish?

Your Silly Blogger,


Super mom

Being a mother isn’t as easy as it seems !

Growing up all I ever seen was my mother play both rows, mom and dad hey ! I can’t complain.

My mother would never show her pain

She said showing emotions May kill you. Allowing others to see through you makes you weak.

So I became that mom , why? well life

Man ! I was the most humblest loveable caring women ever.

Two failed marriages, shattered into so many pieces. I showed my girls how to never show emotions.

Who said I would be dealing with a situation so hard that all I do is show my feelings.

Crying for every memory

Every smile

Man !

Our own children would makes us double think.

We raise them to be the best they can be, always showed them to never use the word I can’t .

For what !

Society has taken over in so many ways.

The pandemic has discontinued our children from feeling

from expressing what they feel

From understanding what’s right and what’s wrong .

Losing control of what we as parents can only have.

Our children aren’t afraid of death

Of pain

The fear we once had growing up, this generation don’t know or understand

Being a church girl knowing who my lord is was my fear.

Fear of what he may do.

Suicide is real

Suicidal thoughts are real

Depression is real

Everything I’ve been through can’t compared to hearing my child wanting to give up in life.

Not being able to fix her

Not even loving her can fix it.

Seeing her face the pain she’s in not being able to just take her.

Understanding that I have to just let go and listen.

We as parents don’t know all answers. All I know I have to be strong. I have to make sure she don’t give up. I also have to remember others may have it worst.

I’m blessed that I able to see her now.

That I still have her.

Her smile gives me hope that she’s going to be ok.

Enjoying her conversations

Enjoying her stories

Her showing me her pictures

My heart melted of joy.

I pray for my child and every other child that’s going through this same situation May the lord cover them with his arms and protect them from any negative thoughts from the pain they feeling May the lord tell them in their dreams that they are loved from God they are Gods children.

In Jesus name I pray 🙏 Amén

Lord continue to make mothers like me stronger to move forward to have faith in your victory because you can fix this.

we are super moms we may fall but we pick ourselves back up and keep it moving. Wipe our tears of pain and crack when we say we fine.

Super moms we rock !


Melimel 💜

Miley creations 💕

Living with the unexpected

Understanding life isn’t meant for everyone

Realizing nothing is meant forever

Your beauty fades

Your body becomes wrinkled

You age faster

But is all that true

Finding out your body is killing within

Giving up because you can’t take no more

To much stress

To much depression

Losing hope

Only smiling to show you are fine

Keeping all the pain within so no one may know how you feel.