Life is a struggle

Oh dear lord, why ? Why, are so unpredictable, and rush to be where we aren’t supposed to be?

Why let pain take over what has to be given to you ?

Why can we just forget and let go ?

Why do I have to be so strong?

Can I just cry it all out and forget what happened?

Why can I be like the world and just hurt them all like they’ve hurt me?

Oh lord thank you thank you for always being by my side and making me stronger every day

Showing me no to worry about things that only he knows how to deal with

Thank you lord for the laughter I’ve enjoyed

My smile is seeing how

My husband has changed

How much he love my family

How much he loves me

How much he lives God and his church

We’ve learned to leave situations in Jesus has and allow god to fight all of our battles

We have no battles God fights them for us everyday

Oh lord my father thank you

In Jesus name amen 🙏


HNA Melimel

God bless you all


Ladies and gentlemen #### I want to do a live pod switch my listeners I want to hear from you and know what would you like to hear what is you interested you could also send me a message on my anchor podcast #anchorpodcast it’s easy just download the app crear an account and search for my shows you would be able to send me voice messages and I would be able to reply back can’t wait to hear for my followers #godblessyou


Hey guys tonight I will be going live my very own podcast

I’ll be talking about anxiety depression

Dealing with changes after COVID

How we dealing work home and relationships

How can we separate all

How can we give ourselves time

Let chats and join me tonight

You can also listen on

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Coming soon iTunes

I can’t wait

You sister Melimel

Have a bless day 🙏

Plans goals achievement

How do you start your year By waking up every day how do I start my plans if plans always change

God knows whats in your future he’s in control

We all have goals goals to lose weight goals to finish a degree or certificate or license find happiness lose weight we all have a achievements to complete what we don’t ask is what are gods achievements for us

One thing Ive learned is to never plan go with it smile be joyful be kind be humble be loving forgiving always forgive and try to forget

Who are we to judge what others have done when the God all mighty don’t judge us he forgives us he loves us he smiles when we are joyful he smiles when we are humble he smiles when we give kindness and when we forgive

So try not to plan because it will change

Set goals to achieve as the lord loves us to learn

But always say thank you because his always there

May the lord bless all you reads

Your sister Melimel

God bless