Wow can I say!

It feels like it’s the beginning of the year, this year has gone so far.

Wow it’s already October 4, 2021, everyone is getting ready for the holidays and travels.

So many are overwhelmed off all of this pandemic situations with schools and work.

So many lost jobs because they didn’t believe in get the vaccine.

So many are fighting a fight that the government already won.

Or is that people think that the vaccine is the simple of the devil.

Smh, the ignorance and not knowing the people is a major issue.

God gave the man the knowledge and intelligence to become doctors phlebotomist etc.

I say if people would read the Bible more or fast and wait for Gods answers they would know the truth.

God also say don’t rely on the man to rely on him who is God.

Look people will always have something to say about anything. Because that’s life, research getting knowledge of thing that you need to have done. Before giving up.

Today I pray for those who are confused

For those who’s lost their jobs

For those who need understanding and knowledge on the vaccine.

Lord heal those who need you healing hands over them protect those who can’t protect themselves

Lord watch over outlet children those who are confused and those who are in pain those who are alone those who are hopeless show them you are here and they are not alone. Reveal yourself to them in dreams and guide the in the path.

Father put your healing hands over this world father forgive all of us which we know no better show us how to love you and love one another.

In Jesus all Mighty God I pray 🙏 amen 🙏 amen

God bless you all

And May you have a bless and peaceful night

Your silly blogger

Melimel 🥰🙏

I’m broken

Me: Hello God.
God: Hello…
Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?
God: I’d rather not.
Me: Why?
God: Because you’re not a puzzle.
Me: What about all the pieces of my life that fall to the ground?
God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them be there for a while and then decide if you need to take any of those pieces back.
Me: You don’t understand! I’m breaking!
God: No, you don’t understand. You’re transcending, evolving.
What you feel are growing pains. You’re getting rid of the things and people in your life that are holding you back. The pieces are not falling down. The pieces are being put in place. Relax. Take a deep breath and let those things you no longer need fall down. Stop clinging to pieces that are no longer for you. Let them fall. Let them go.
Me: Once I start doing that, what will I have left?
God: Only the best pieces of yourself.
Me: I’m afraid to change.
God: I keep telling you: YOU’RE NOT CHANGING! YOU’RE BECOMING!
Me: Becoming, Who?
God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light, love, charity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace and compassion. I made you for so much more than those shallow pieces you decided to adorn yourself with and that you cling to with so much greed and fear. Let those things fall off you. I love you! Don’t change! Become! Don’t change! Become! Become who I want you to be, who I created. I’m gonna keep telling you this until you remember.
Me: There goes another piece.
God: Yes. Let it be like this.
Me: So… I’m not broken?
God: No, but you’re breaking the darkness, like dawn. It’s a new day. Become!! Become who you really are!!”

This hit me hard

Have you ever noticed how in the scriptures men are always going up into the mountains to commune with the Lord?

Yet in the scriptures we hardly ever
hear of women going to the mountains.
But we know why — right?

Because the women were too busy
keeping life going;
they couldn’t abandon babies,
and a thousand responsibilities to make the climb into the mountains!

I was talking to a friend the other day,
saying that as modern woman
I feel like I’m never “free” enough
from my responsibilities,
never in a quiet enough space
I want with God.

Her response floored me,
“That is why God comes to women.
Men have to climb the mountain to meet God, but God comes to women where ever they are.”

I have been pondering on her words for weeks and have searched my scriptures
to see that what she said is true.
God does in deed come to women
where they are,
when they are doing their ordinary,
everyday work.

He meets them at the wells
where they draw water for their families,
in their homes,
in their kitchens,
in their gardens.

He comes to them
as they sit beside sickbeds,
as they give birth,
care for the elderly,
and perform necessary mourning and burial rites.

Even at the empty tomb,
Mary was the first to witness Christ’s resurrection,
She was there because she was doing the womanly chore of properly preparing Christ’s body for burial.

In these seemingly mundane
and ordinary tasks,
these women of the scriptures found themselves face to face with divinity.

So if — like me — you ever start to bemoan the fact that you don’t have as much time to spend in the mountains with God as you would like. Remember, God comes to women. He knows where we are and the burdens we carry. He sees us, and if we open our eyes and our hearts we will see Him, even in the most ordinary places and in the most ordinary things.

He lives. And he’s using a time such as this to speak to women around the world.

Women are the foundation of creativity and growth when grow and multiply generations to come.

We are strong and loved by our God

God bless and good night

Melimel ❤️

¿Ha notado alguna vez que en las Escrituras los hombres siempre suben a las montañas para tener comunión con el Señor? Sin embargo, en las escrituras casi nunca oí hablar de mujeres que iban a las montañas. Pero sabemos por qué, ¿verdad? Porque las mujeres estaban demasiado ocupadas mantener la vida en marcha; no pudieron abandonar a los bebés, comidas, hogares incendios jardines ¡y mil responsabilidades para hacer la escalada a las montañas! Estaba hablando con un amigo el otro día, diciendo que como mujer moderna Siento que nunca soy lo suficientemente “libre” de mis responsabilidades, nunca en un espacio lo suficientemente tranquilo Quiero con Dios.

Su respuesta me dejó anonadado, “Por eso Dios viene a las mujeres. Los hombres tienen que escalar la montaña para encontrarse con Dios, pero Dios viene a las mujeres dondequiera que estén ”. He estado reflexionando sobre sus palabras durante semanas y he escudriñado mis Escrituras. para ver que lo que dijo es verdad.

Dios de hecho viene a las mujeres Dónde están, cuando están haciendo su rutina, trabajo diario. Los encuentra en los pozos donde sacan agua para sus familias, en sus casas, en sus cocinas, en sus jardines.

El viene a ellos mientras se sientan junto a los lechos de los enfermos, mientras dan a luz, cuidar a los ancianos, y realizar los ritos necesarios de duelo y entierro.

Incluso en la tumba vacía María fue la primera en presenciar la resurrección de Cristo, Ella estaba allí porque estaba haciendo la tarea femenina de preparar adecuadamente el cuerpo de Cristo para el entierro.

En estos aparentemente mundanos y tareas ordinarias, estas mujeres de las escrituras se encontraron cara a cara con la divinidad. Entonces, si, como yo, alguna vez empiezas a lamentarte por el hecho de que no tienes tanto tiempo para pasar en las montañas con Dios como te gustaría. Recuerde, Dios viene a las mujeres.

Él sabe dónde estamos y las cargas que llevamos.

Él nos ve, y si abrimos nuestros ojos y nuestro corazón lo veremos, incluso en los lugares más comunes y en las cosas más comunes. El Vive.

Y está usando un tiempo como este para hablar con mujeres de todo el mundo. Las mujeres son la base de la creatividad y el crecimiento cuando crecen y se multiplican las generaciones venideras. Somos fuertes y amados por nuestro Dios

Dios los bendiga y buenas noches

At times we ask why ? Or who are they really?

We may raise them to be the most humble person and respectful young men and women. But the outside world will change them with a blink of an eye.

God knows who I raised my kids how they are everything to be before myself. But that one who my others call the golden child has proof me wrong who has broken me in so many ways. It hurts when your own child lies about situations that never happened. But like my best friend told me all this battles are given to the lord and the lord will give you peace. Shalom peace my lord.

I will alway be there for all my children’s I’ll the lord takes me with him. But for now all I could do is pray for him everyday and night.

Lord tonight I pray for my son for all the children who are lost in this crazy world who the enemy is trying to control lord father cover my son and all the children of the world with the mighty blood of Jesus May you cover them and protect them because they know no better father

Lord awaken their spirit and soften their hearts to ask for forgiveness and love they’re families again father protect those who choose to let they’re ego take control I rebuke in the name of Jesus any demon of confusion of anger of depression of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Lord please father help my son and those children who need you today and always father reveal yourself to them in there dreams so they may come to you father.

Being a parent isn’t easy we may give it all but to them it isn’t enough but as our lord loves us and continue to forgive us every time we do wrong in his eyes we as parents have to do the same. And I love my baby boy till my last breath. I know the lord promise after every storm we may see the bright light with joy. Soon to see him once again

Thank you father

Bless my readers and there families in Jesus name amen 🙏

Your sister Melimel ❤️

Life is a struggle

Oh dear lord, why ? Why, are so unpredictable, and rush to be where we aren’t supposed to be?

Why let pain take over what has to be given to you ?

Why can we just forget and let go ?

Why do I have to be so strong?

Can I just cry it all out and forget what happened?

Why can I be like the world and just hurt them all like they’ve hurt me?

Oh lord thank you thank you for always being by my side and making me stronger every day

Showing me no to worry about things that only he knows how to deal with

Thank you lord for the laughter I’ve enjoyed

My smile is seeing how

My husband has changed

How much he love my family

How much he loves me

How much he lives God and his church

We’ve learned to leave situations in Jesus has and allow god to fight all of our battles

We have no battles God fights them for us everyday

Oh lord my father thank you

In Jesus name amen 🙏


HNA Melimel

God bless you all