Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning

How was everyone Thanksgiving?

Can I say if you cook everything on your own God bless you, because I needed a day in bed for cooking two days in a row. Then to go out to eat. Woooo!

Any who’s enough of me, how did you spend your day? What are your family traditions?

I miss having my son around and helping me cook dinner and fixing the table let me tell you my girls aren’t about any traditional dinners lol! I guess. I miss those days.

But I’m bless for everything else in my life no complaining.

God bless each and everyone of my readers may this weekend be filled with love joy and abonance and lots of laughter in Jesús name I pray amen 🙏

Your silly blogger

Melimel AV

Water walking

Understand the impossible to many people see as terrifying


When Jesus walked on water and told his disciples “sit still is I “ they were so terrified instead of being grateful of seeing a miracle

Just know that God has his ways of teaching his lessons so we can learn from it and not trip over them again

Look at all the circumstances you go through in life look at them like if they’re waves how is it that God is helping you correct those waves and increase your faith and believe in him.

Jesus name I pray Lord protect those who are reading my blogs show them who you are show them that every wave they going through that every impossible becomes possible lord teach them that every Wave is a lesson that they have to learn from

in Jesus name I pray amen.

Your sister Melimel

God bless 🙏


life is crazy unfair and with lots of disappointments we lose we win we gain but when we lose a love one we lose who we was we lose a piece that they take we may hold memories but not having that physical touch talk or hug we lose it all my emotions are every where my thoughts are unknown my heart beat beats differently my tears I have no control of oh lord contain me !

Wow can I say!

It feels like it’s the beginning of the year, this year has gone so far.

Wow it’s already October 4, 2021, everyone is getting ready for the holidays and travels.

So many are overwhelmed off all of this pandemic situations with schools and work.

So many lost jobs because they didn’t believe in get the vaccine.

So many are fighting a fight that the government already won.

Or is that people think that the vaccine is the simple of the devil.

Smh, the ignorance and not knowing the people is a major issue.

God gave the man the knowledge and intelligence to become doctors phlebotomist etc.

I say if people would read the Bible more or fast and wait for Gods answers they would know the truth.

God also say don’t rely on the man to rely on him who is God.

Look people will always have something to say about anything. Because that’s life, research getting knowledge of thing that you need to have done. Before giving up.

Today I pray for those who are confused

For those who’s lost their jobs

For those who need understanding and knowledge on the vaccine.

Lord heal those who need you healing hands over them protect those who can’t protect themselves

Lord watch over outlet children those who are confused and those who are in pain those who are alone those who are hopeless show them you are here and they are not alone. Reveal yourself to them in dreams and guide the in the path.

Father put your healing hands over this world father forgive all of us which we know no better show us how to love you and love one another.

In Jesus all Mighty God I pray 🙏 amen 🙏 amen

God bless you all

And May you have a bless and peaceful night

Your silly blogger

Melimel 🥰🙏