Ladies and gentlemen #### I want to do a live pod switch my listeners I want to hear from you and know what would you like to hear what is you interested you could also send me a message on my anchor podcast #anchorpodcast it’s easy just download the app crear an account and search for my shows you would be able to send me voice messages and I would be able to reply back @anchor.fm can’t wait to hear for my followers #godblessyou


Hey guys tonight I will be going live my very own podcast

I’ll be talking about anxiety depression

Dealing with changes after COVID

How we dealing work home and relationships

How can we separate all

How can we give ourselves time

Let chats and join me tonight

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I can’t wait

You sister Melimel

Have a bless day 🙏

Plans goals achievement

How do you start your year By waking up every day how do I start my plans if plans always change

God knows whats in your future he’s in control

We all have goals goals to lose weight goals to finish a degree or certificate or license find happiness lose weight we all have a achievements to complete what we don’t ask is what are gods achievements for us

One thing Ive learned is to never plan go with it smile be joyful be kind be humble be loving forgiving always forgive and try to forget

Who are we to judge what others have done when the God all mighty don’t judge us he forgives us he loves us he smiles when we are joyful he smiles when we are humble he smiles when we give kindness and when we forgive

So try not to plan because it will change

Set goals to achieve as the lord loves us to learn

But always say thank you because his always there

May the lord bless all you reads

Your sister Melimel

God bless


Three more weeks

Till New Years

This year has gone so fast

So many ups and downs

So many gone

So many sick

To many

Less praying

Less faith

Less Hope


Kneel and ask god for forgiveness


Start new be reborn

That’s all GOD IS ASKING FOR !


Looking for God is the best feeling ever


God bless you all

Your silly sister

Melimel 🙌🏼

My life


Ever felt so hopeless

So hurt

So confused

So angry

Why why wait till now

Why lie

If only she knew what I would do if I see her face to face

Lord knows I’m trying to humble myself

The lord is who is holding me

And fighting my battles in him I leave my burdens and sorrows in his hand

The lord will win all my victories

Oh lord cover us with the mighty blood of Jesus. Lord cover my mind from any negative thoughts. Take away anything that isn’t from you father.

In Jesus name amen

Thank you father, glory be to GOD

Good night 🌙

Your silly sister Melimel

God bless everyone


Ever felt lost for words

Ever felt empty with out being empty

Ever wanted to just say how you feel with out caring for others feelings but your own

Ever felt like you living a lie and don’t know how to snap out of it

Ever want to believe every word spoken . To you after it’s been broken

Lost for words lost for caring

Just want to run and say how you feel without caring

Your heart starts racing faster and faster with out skipping a beat

Racing so fast that you would be afraid of the words that may come out by mistake

Oh lord I’ll keep praying 🙏 waiting for a response

Understanding it isn’t the right time

But when is the right time

When can I be heard

When can I dry my tears

And brush this pain away

Just when

Your silly sister Melimel


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁

What’s midlife crisis

Can I say I’m having a midlife crisis? Omg turning 37 and I feel like I’ve wasted my life I feel life I’m missing a lot in my journey.

Two failed marriages 3 kids which one don’t want to speak to me because I didn’t want to accept who he was. I dislike myself for being where I’m at.

But I’m still married trying to work it out

I’m finishing my degree which it so hard right now. I’m blessed to have a job right now. Which so many have lost.

So this being said no it’s the devil trying to make me fail and I will not allow it to. I’ve accomplished so much being broken emotionally.

Ive lived a year with pain and it didn’t kill me God made me stronger

Lived a year without my son who I love so much no matter what

And a year in church learning Gods scriptures. So why am I thinking I’ve wasted my life. Nope not today devil not today

I’m beyond blessed


Oh and did I say I just turned 37 years old this year. Thank you father for blessing me with another year. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Your silly 🙃 sister melanie

Technology and Young Children

Technology and young children

I chose these two topics because I work in a school and see the challenges students go through daily.  Not only the students but parents and teachers as well, students are so smart that they would know how to work with devices and act in front of their parents as if they have no idea how to use it. We have parents who don’t care and let their kids do as they please if they log in or don’t hand in assignments. Many pros and cons with technology and young children; when children are online 8 hours a day, they start to fidget; due to this pandemic, we have students who struggle with reading, compering, and solving problems. Suppose parents can’t work together with the teacher. We are going to have a big disaster when it comes to education.

Children need:

  • Mobility
  • Touch
  • Nature
  • Human Communication

No. I didn’t research this; I feel this is proof that we, as parents, teachers, and community, are seen the lack of human communication children are becoming more anti-social more depress. More suicidal we as teachers need parents’ help to communicate more with students to understand their mental state; tell them that we are here to help. If we don’t fix this, our future scholars are in big trouble. Students aren’t going to share with others; they will have problems in schools presenting projects and having their voices heard. Is this going to slow down children’s literacy?

I’ve asked myself these questions repeatedly, and it’s so hard to answer if we don’t work on fixing the problems we are facing today in online learning.

  1. How will children be like in the future?
  2. Could technology lead to educational disaster?
  3. How can we fix this?
  4. What are the first steps?

Nature, why I say this; we need sunlight, we need the air we need to enjoy the world’s beauty. Children need Nature to help with immunity, health, sun rays. Yes, Nature is part of a children’s reproductive grow we don’t need to be doctors or scientists to see this.

Touch is essential to a child significantly growing up; we grow up with our parent’s hugs, kisses, and love. In today’s era, technology is raising our children; parents are too busy with work and their phones and too busy for family. Parents are buying smart TVs, video games, and smartphones so they could keep their children occupied. Not knowing this pandemic, it has changed so much that teachers who would give that love and affection cant no longer do it. A student who has no physical interaction at home looks forward to going to school to receive that hug from a teacher.


This pandemic has changed how PE class is being taught in schools worldwide; students are just watching videos, answering health questions, or just letting their anxiety eat them “fat.” Why did I say Fat? What mobility are children having at home? As I have seen in my daughter’s class and school, students sit down watching videos, not participating in the exercise. Being a teacher in this era will be challenging; we will have to learn how to deal with so many challenges as insecurities in students’ depression and anti-socialism. Teach them how we lived 20 years ago, playing in the parks enjoying an outside interaction with each other and yes, the best one ever no technology unless it is needed in class or for homework.