At times we ask why ? Or who are they really?

We may raise them to be the most humble person and respectful young men and women. But the outside world will change them with a blink of an eye.

God knows who I raised my kids how they are everything to be before myself. But that one who my others call the golden child has proof me wrong who has broken me in so many ways. It hurts when your own child lies about situations that never happened. But like my best friend told me all this battles are given to the lord and the lord will give you peace. Shalom peace my lord.

I will alway be there for all my children’s I’ll the lord takes me with him. But for now all I could do is pray for him everyday and night.

Lord tonight I pray for my son for all the children who are lost in this crazy world who the enemy is trying to control lord father cover my son and all the children of the world with the mighty blood of Jesus May you cover them and protect them because they know no better father

Lord awaken their spirit and soften their hearts to ask for forgiveness and love they’re families again father protect those who choose to let they’re ego take control I rebuke in the name of Jesus any demon of confusion of anger of depression of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Lord please father help my son and those children who need you today and always father reveal yourself to them in there dreams so they may come to you father.

Being a parent isn’t easy we may give it all but to them it isn’t enough but as our lord loves us and continue to forgive us every time we do wrong in his eyes we as parents have to do the same. And I love my baby boy till my last breath. I know the lord promise after every storm we may see the bright light with joy. Soon to see him once again

Thank you father

Bless my readers and there families in Jesus name amen 🙏

Your sister Melimel ❤️