Plans goals achievement

How do you start your year By waking up every day how do I start my plans if plans always change

God knows whats in your future he’s in control

We all have goals goals to lose weight goals to finish a degree or certificate or license find happiness lose weight we all have a achievements to complete what we don’t ask is what are gods achievements for us

One thing Ive learned is to never plan go with it smile be joyful be kind be humble be loving forgiving always forgive and try to forget

Who are we to judge what others have done when the God all mighty don’t judge us he forgives us he loves us he smiles when we are joyful he smiles when we are humble he smiles when we give kindness and when we forgive

So try not to plan because it will change

Set goals to achieve as the lord loves us to learn

But always say thank you because his always there

May the lord bless all you reads

Your sister Melimel

God bless

5 thoughts on “Plans goals achievement

  1. Good afternoon my dear sister Melime.

    Who can believe in God
    his own life is a favor to him
    I never found out
    in my own soul

    I repent of my evil deeds
    no savior will be able to take them away from me
    I carry them so heavy they are on my back

    I wish you from the bottom of my heart
    The very best to you

    Hans Gamma

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      • Hello dear sister Melanie.

        I’ve never had a god
        to name people like that
        ever recognized in my soul
        and experienced in my heart

        The great mother
        made me like all of their children
        to the earth
        brought into the world

        For you, because you have the grace
        he likes to protect you and hug you
        every day until your end

        A god cannot forgive my sins
        I cannot expect mercy from God

        I have to guilt my sin
        with repentance and penance
        carry myself through my life.
        so be it

        Best regards
        my dear sister
        Your brother


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      • Very deep and we all have thing we hold onto I am no one to judge you that’s how you feel and that’s what you want to hold onto. Psalms 37 he asks us to trust in him and sit still.
        God bless you
        – your sister melanie


      • Dear sister Melanie

        I do not need anything
        to hold me tight
        mother Earth
        leaves me with both feet
        lie on it, stand and walk

        who the Savior
        to whom his deity
        not understandable
        cannot be seen
        but she perceives
        he can believe in it
        that this person
        I am the way
        and the truth
        only through me
        come to my father

        Who the Torah
        as scriptures
        can acknowledge
        he is in grace
        the short life path
        that we have in front of us
        under his laws
        in the confidence of one
        strict father
        with courage and confidence
        to go and dare

        I am
        I remain defenseless
        because the writing
        with their tradition
        did not reveal itself in me

        May your god bless you
        protect all day

        Best regards
        Your brother

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