Reopening Plan, Emotion and Struggles

We as parents have so many questions, fears and so on. But we ask why some schools are taking forever to answer questions parents have. why other schools are ahead of others?

Let me tell you; I work for a wonderful school, that they think of students and families and their safety. I’ve been a parent to “Bronx Light House charter School” since they opened 2005, which my oldest graduated. I have a 6th Grader and a 10th Grader; since all of this situation with the “Corona Virus” I’ve had to call and question them on my children education. Other parents and I have wondered why the name change why wasn’t parents told about this before it happened? why worry about a change of name, when what’s important is the education of the students. but these are question not only I but other parents have to ask. so many upsetting situations on learning plans and class organization, miscommunication. we have gone though of this.

We as parents sometimes have so many questions that we forget to ask that are important, for example:

Why the name change?

Why haven’t the school communicated with parents about any changes or how is the learning plans going to be this year?

Are teacher’s going to introduce themselves before school starts?

Are teachers going to communicate more with parents this year around?

Are students going to have clubs; where they can help each other who is struggling with online learning ?

What happens with my child data information, Due to programs that are being used while online learning?

What time students start their day? What time do they end their day?

What plate Forms are the schools using to communicate with parents? meaning: Parent Square, Power School, class Dojo etc.

So many parents are worried if they should send their children Hybrid learning or Remote learning. for my children I said Remote. Why I did that if I work; because as a parent who works in a school. I’ve seen what kids do and how they’re behavior change when they are not with their parents. Yes, we have to teach our children responsibilities at some point in their life’s. But right now we have to be realistic with situations we are facing today.

Besides the different changes we as parents are facing, we also have to deal with having our children entering the tech world. what I mean about the tech world, well this generation have learned so many crazy stuff online. That now they have to take online learning, we don’t know what programs schools are using and what are the “third-party programs” doing with students information. Yes, Parents not online we have to be careful with what our children are doing we also have to ask the school how is my child data information being kept safe and private. Not so many parent are not so good with technology. children may act like they doing work but they’re not. trust me children are very smart when it comes to devices.

We as parents have to ask the principle’s questions about students safety and privacy.

What those programs do with my child information after school contract is over?

How are they making sure students information is being kept private ?

How is my child being protected from identity theft?


We didn’t think things through when it came to online learning and the safety of students identity. The same way we as adults have to secure our information now we have to make sure our children Data information is safe.

We need to communicate more with our children and ask them questions, also ask them for help if we don’t understand something on the device or how to work with one. Bond even more your children let them teach you what they know.

have a bless reopening and stay positive and have lots of faith.

Your sister Melimel

God Bless you all