Ever Felt So Lost!

So much in my mind,

so much pain and confusion, I ask why? why, can I just not feel.

ever felt lost,

lost in words

lost in emotions

lost in pain

ever felt like letting go and ending it all.

but they say that’s a sin, so we ask for forgiveness.

but why we live with so much pain, so much sorrow.

why envy those who have left to the other side,

we don’t know if they in heaven or in hell,

we here to follow the lords every word,

but what if we cant hear,

lord we ask for forgiveness

lord help us

help us hear you once again.

oh lord forgive me and them for offending you

oh lord heal us with your mighty cloth and hand.

oh lord we need you, I need you lord.

help me come to you feet once again.

oh father hear us

in Jesus name amen.

we aren’t perfect but we know when we are wrong or when we in need of him

the lord is always listening

the lord never sleeps

he watches over us and protects our every step

your crazy sister melimel

god bless