What a wonderful poem

I hope you enjoy the following poem I post for you this morning. I wrote it more than 15 years ago and titled it:

“I Thirst…”

Without water we perish, For it has life-giving power To all of God’s creatures on earth. Just as water sustains us… Giving life to our bodies… ‘Living Water’ gives our spirits rebirth. “With joy you’ll draw water “From the wells of salvation “And you will say in that day… “ “Give thanks to the Lord, “Call upon His name…” God inspired Isaiah to say. * God is The Hope of Israel… The Fountain of Living Water Jeremiah, The Prophet, proclaimed… And he chastised all those Who would forsake The Lord God… Saying, all who do will be shamed. ** All who drinks of this water… From the Well of Jacob Will surely become thirsty again… But those who drink of His Water Shall never thirst, said Jesus, To the woman at Jacob’s well with Him. “It will become in him,” “A spring of water” He said, “Welling up to eternal life.” *** He told the Samaritan woman She’d had five different men To marry her and take her as wife. On the last day of the feast, That is called, ‘the great day’, Jesus stood before the crowd and proclaimed… “If anyone thirst, “Let him come to me and drink…” **** “This is the Christ!” some of His listeners exclaimed. “He who believes in me, “As the scripture has said,” Christ said to the divided crowd… “’Out of his heart shall flow “Rivers of Living Water.’” Causing arguments to break out aloud. He was speaking of The Spirit To be received by believers After He had been Glorified And The Spirit was sent Just as promised by Jesus Shortly after He’d been crucified.
* Isaiah 12:3
** Jeremiah 17:13
*** John 4: 7-1
****John 7: 37-41
Written by: John McKee – February 25, 2005 Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well