Fruit of the spirit !

John 7:24

” Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgement “.

Who are we to judge our neighbor, people misinterpret the meaning of judgement. And judge by appearance meaning of what they see in the outside. There’s a saying ” Never judge a book by its cover”, because if we judge books we would of never read the Bible or pick up any other book and not knowing how beautiful every verse is and how we can learn from the past mistakes.

God speaks to us in so many was, on John 7:24 he states stop judging mere appearance and make a right judgement. We all judge; meaning we judge what we wear, what we eat, where we live and who we date. Yes god says in the Bible

Matthew 7:1-2

” Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure yet mete, it shall be measured to you again”.

Here God says don’t judge incorrectly, don’t be a hypocrite and judge when you doing the same. So many people in different churches judge our neighbors who enter their temples. We as servants of God we have to welcome and save as many souls as we can. Not judge because they different, don’t judge at all. We have have welcome them and make them feel at home and at peace the way the lord wants to be.

Now in day so many church’s have so many group of different individuals, people who judge one another, this wrong; inn no church there should be groups we are here to praise to learn from one other to teach our youth and new beginners how to pray how to love the lord he way he deserves.

We forgot it isn’t the title they give us in church or how much knowledge we have or if we speak in tongues. A serpent can dress the way we all do they can sing and praise the lord just like us.

Matthew 7:15-16

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, But inwardly they are ravening wolves.

” Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thrones, or figs of thistles”.

Meaning we would have to judge by the fruit of the spirit. Why would i say the fruit we may judge. Would you buy a apple the is rotten or would you take the apple that shines. Now if you judge by taking the shiniest apple how may you it isn’t rotten in the inside. That’s why God says judge the right way.

You have to see with the fruit of the spirit and let God show you the serpents around you. Remember serpents may come alone and gather followers to help to destroy what’s around them. Some member may follow a person because they feel like the lord is telling them to do so.

Matthew 7:20

” Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them”.

Remember God isn’t evil, God is love, peace and simplicity. People misinterpret the following in so many wrong ways. You can force someone to change one day to the next. That is Gods job to show that soul how to follow the path he wants us to follow. To be obedient to praise and to pray for our lord has to come from each individual.

Who are you to make any of those decisions?

Who are you judge who ever works through those doors?

Who are you to decide what anyone should or shouldn’t wear?

Everything we go through in life God has a purpose

He takes away our sins not by you judging

Not you by pointing fingers

But God makes these miracles happen

Look at me

My testimony

I came to church November 3, 2019 heart broken

Not wanting to be here in this world I wanted a change i wanted to disappear

But God put this words in my month we need to change we go to church

And ill say it every day of my life if it wasn’t that my Pastora Carmen Vasquez, took me when i needed peace. She guide me in the right path watched over me everyday. May the lord bless her and my pastor Roberto Vasquez.

I was so lost in the world that i would had a drink every day i use to smoke and listen to music that made me feel so many evil emotions.

God worked with me in so many was with the way i speak with the way i looked at people. Ive learned to love my neighbors to understand my children to hear to be heard and to forgive as the lord forgave us.

December 14 i got baptized before that week God did something that i thought was impossible for me. I smoked so much that I didn’t know how i was going to stop. But let me tell you how a week before i was reborn the Lord took all my sins away I didn’t get sick no relapse none what so ever and when the day came i was at peace i was a new person.

God uses people who are empty, empty enough so he could breath in them again so they can be reborn.

God can use anyone to preach, God may use the most dirtiest person in the street to tell a Christian a prophecy or speak a word of the day. Or just to awaken their spirit.

Who are we to say we have to have enough knowledgeable the Bible to preach

Who are we to judge those who want to learn of the lords ways

God didn’t say we have to have years in church to preach to praise to sing

God uses any one he see who’s empty enough to breath in.

Hebrew 4:12

” For the word of God is living and active, sharper then the double edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints an marrow, it judge’s testimony thoughts and attitudes of the heat”.

God know each individual’s heart, he knows your fears your pain and sorrows.

Speak from the heart, with truth and obedience.

(A.W Tozer)

He said

” The great deficiency ( in church today ) is the lack of spiritual discernment. How there can be so little insight, so little moral penrtration is one of the mysteries of the Christian world today “.(1960)

May the lord watch over each and everyone of my readers. May the lord cover you all with the blood of jesus

In jesus name Amen.

From your sister Melanie

God Bless each of my readers