God has revealed, what he wants his nations to do! (in my dream)

Tuve un sueño que Dios me ha revelado
salmos 66:1
“ Aclamad a Dios con Algeria, toda la Tierra”.
Salmos 67:3
“ Te alaben los Pueblo’s, oh Dios; Todos los Pueblo’s te alaben”.
Salmos 70:2
“ Sean avergonzados y confundidos los que buscan mi vida; Sean vueltos atras y avergonzados los que mi mal demean.”

Dios quiere que nos arrepientamos, pida perdón al señor, sea sincero, ore, ayune, alabe. Dios quiere que sus naciones vuelvan al camino del señor. canta corro’s, lee la biblia, aprende su palabra.


I had a dream that God has revealed to me
psalms 66: 1
“Praise God with Algeria, all the Earth.”
Psalms 67: 3
“The people praise you, oh God; All peoples praise you”.
Psalms 70: 2
“Let those who seek my life be ashamed and confused; Let them be left behind and ashamed that my evil demean. “

God wants us to repent, ask the Lord for forgiveness, be sincere, pray, fast, praise. God wants his nations to return to the way of the Lord. chant, read the bible, learn his word.


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Sister Melanie

Remember my brothers and sisters pray praise the lord, his coming soon to take his Chruch.