” Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.”

1 Samuel 18:3

When trying to stay in the right path and holding on to what the lord wants you to do there’s always a way the enemy try’s to distract you from the right path of the lord.

“Holy Spirit cover me with the blood of Jesus awaken my spirit and guide me in the right direction. Amen”

To many times we has humans don’t understand why things happen and why we cant let go of the past. These distractions happen when the enemy don’t want to lose you the enemy would bring you wonders and financial-ship to keep you on the wrong path. But we as servants of the lord have to stay strong and faithful to the lord. There are friendships that are so toxic that we would have to end because it wont be right for gods plans.

I’m not staying to just ignore this person I’m just saying maybe explain to them that you cant no longer be involved in their circle because you’ve become a man or women of god and current situation you wont be able to be around. Some may respect you for explaining and would be proud of your change and some may judge you and make fun of your decision as well as put things in your mind so you can be distracted from the lords plans.

The devil has so many ways to change your mind and distract you from what your heart desire to follow the word of god and learns his ways. But we are so weak of the mind and flesh that our distractions come from our emotions, emotions can make you lose all your right senses and get you so angry that you wont even want to read the Bible fall asleep upset make you lose sleep. Because in our hearts we know we did something wrong once you start to read the Bible and thrusting for more of the word of god. That when we miss one day our sleep would be distract as well.

Sometimes the devil would get your love ones to make them so anxious and nervous that when is time for them to say something to you they wont know how to put the words together and with what ever they would say it would trigger you to a point that you would lose control of everything, and you wouldn’t know if to curse to hate to ignore. The devil does it all to destroy every little thing you trying to fix.

We don’t understand a lot of things but when we learn more and more the word of god and understand his way our 6th sense kicks in.

” Thank you, Lord, for your faithful friendship. You never leave me. You are always there. Even when i have strayed. You are still waiting when i come to my senses. I love you, lord.”

Lot of people would come into our life’s to teach us lessons it could be to break our hearts to make us happy in a time of need or some come to stay for ever or till the lord calls us back home. We cant judge because that isn’t our job to do so. But we need to be very careful who we open our hearts to who we let in our life’s because not every one is here for the good.

Remember there’s a saying that goes like this ” everyone wants to see you do good, but never better then them.”


Always stay faithful and loyal to the lord, never question his purpose never question your heart. The lord knows what’s best for us we just need to always but god first in every decision we have.

Your crazy blogger

Sister Melanie

God bless