Ever felt lost for words

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all — 2 Corinthians 13:14

So many things has happened at once

So many battles to fight

So much pain to hold in

Can’t say you hate because you have the lord on your side

We only human and our flesh is weak and we become weak when we let emotions-take over

Holy Spirit I ask everyday to pure the blood of jesus over my home my children my husband and I protect our every thought our every walk

My lord it isn’t easy but is never impossible

Have you ever changed from one day to another with out you noticing have you ever want to learn something you’ve forgot about

A lot of people ask me why? Why have I changed.

I didn’t have a choice the lord did it without me understanding why or what was coming my way. Oh and it was hard it was for me to fall and lose it all.

But the lord held me so tight and so strong that at times I feel the pain but as I feel it the lords presence turns me on fire to remind me I’m not alone to remind I’m still strong and his by my side oh god is so good .

Wow I’ve seen so many changes in my home it could be good and bad but I stay strong

Funny is when the devil try’s I stay firm and praise the lord stronger oh yes I’m a child of god my father watches over me and my household.

Ever been so lost for words and you can’t give an explanation to why me?

Goods coming people wake up and asking for forgiveness read the Bible start loving one another

Stop hating

Stop judging

Stop it with the jealously

Stop with the crimes

Stop killing each other

Stop ignoring your purpose in life

Just stop 🛑

Pick up the Bible

Read to your children

Save the next nations

Help save souls

We all going home soon

Yes god is coming

And his coming soon

No I don’t know it all but I know we have one god

No matter if you Pentecostal Jews Muslim catholic 

We only have one religion one god

one king of Israel

We all come from the same king

We need to love each other

we need to help each other

We need to save each other and ask the lord for forgiveness

The lord loves everyone he has no limits no matter who you are

No matter your color race religion backgrounds

As long as we give in to the lord and obey is word and stay faithful loyal to the lord.

Remember jesus gave up his life to save us because he loves us


Remember people is never to late to follow the lord and ask for forgiveness as long as you are using your heart and being true to the lord

God is good

God love us

he has no limits

Your blogger

Sister Melanie

Yes I’m a sister of a beautiful church who I call family my sisters my brothers

And my wonderful pastors Roberto VASQUEZ and CARMEN VASQUEZ who I was blessed to have has my leaders. ❤️ May the lord bless them today and always 🙏🏼