Wondering what I mean about being reborn?

Well ever since my life has changed and I did a 360 and I started to look for gods words of understanding my life. I decided to change it all.

With my character my anger my choices and I’m still learning to choose the right words.

I finally got baptized yes, baptized I’m 36 years old and I got baptized that isn’t a problem I understand the meaning of baptism and why is it important

Ever since I’ve been going to church I haven’t had one cup of wine or even a blunt yes a blunt it isn’t hard to let go when you have god by your side but let me tell you how the devil has been using what’s around me to break me but he can’t I have the alpha omega behind me and in-front of me protecting me and my family

Is it easy ! no it isn’t but can I say I am truly blessed with my pastors my pastors wife is an angel and strong women who shows love to everyone and makes you feel so comfortable love her so much.

So now being reborn

Being reborn on baptism means he who died for our sins has washed away your sins and you would be reborn in his name Jesus Christ did I say god is good yes he is

God has been working with me without me even knowing he was. Wow that I use to get upset and want to argue or even fight yes I always let my anger win. But gods been working on me for a long time. all I want is peace and no drama and lots of happiness I’ve left behind so much and I’ll continue to leave what’s not meant for me behind.

With this new year I say and would say it again I’m moving forward and what ever was left behind would stay behind.

Peace love and most important stay strong in faith.

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel 🙏🏼