Everything is temporary

Ever hard that saying ” people come in your life for a reason” ? It’s never a accident who comes in and out your life.

Some may come as a blessing

Some may come to show you pain

Some come around to break your heart ❤️

Some to make you smile

Some to show you, your worth

Or how beautiful your soul really is

And some to remind you of who you was

As humans we learn new things everyday

Is on us what path we’ve chosen to walk on

It can be an incorrect path


The right path

Being who we are isn’t just planned out in your head we become who we are because of life

Life lessons teach us how to survive

We just need to learn how to deal with emotions better

Just maybe we would find the right answers at the right time .

And stay real to who we are

Never change for no one

If he or she loves you they would change to be a better version of themselves for you. Now that’s what you call LOVE ❤️






That’s all that matters in life is to be happy and live in peace 😉

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel 🙏🏼

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