People tell me when giving up or feeling like I’m losing it all just pray and trust in him!

Not knowing that I’ve prayed and prayed but not the right way.

Praying for this pain to go away

Praying to be saved

Praying that my pain won’t change who I am

Praying for my sanity

But I can’t pray for me

I have to pray for what’s around me to be saved

To be at peace

To understand

To clarify my intuition

To clear all negative thoughts

To have faith

To believe once again

To find me

To find what I believe

To believe in him

To praise him

To follow is word

Once with all this

I could once again love

Love myself

Love what’s around me

Love life

Love all my blessings

Love and give love

But first of all love me again


Smile because it brightens up the world

Laugh because it helps with depression

Live yes live because we only die once

So enjoy life like it’s your last day!

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel ❤️