Ever just wake up and said it’s over?

I have, this year has been so emotional and stressful year. So many unexpected behaviors of the ones I love, so much pain I’ve been through.

So many times I’ve said I got this, but mentally giving up little by little. And another painful truth today.

Why me? Why me I ask god but only he knows why. It isn’t my time and I have to accept his ways. So much pain so much disappointments.

Which way should I go, should I run should I stay. All I can do is wait and listen.

Only god knows when!

When my new challenges would come

If there good

Or some

More disappointments.

I ask why me?

The lord says just wait and see!

I say see what lord ?

Just be patient.

No one said your life is going to be roses and chocolates

This world

Is so evil

So many people who are selfish

So many who don’t care about others

So many who want to see you fall

So many who enjoy disappointments

Let’s be the ones who love more

Who helps more

Who cares more

Who believes more

Who haves more faith

More faith in him

Maybe just that faith is what you need to breath again


Smile laugh love

But live , live everyday because we only die once

😉 your crazy blogger

Meli Mel ❤️