Life has different season

What I mean about seasons? Well we have good , bad , stressful and very emotional depressed seasons.

Dealing with any bad seasons isn’t easy to deal with the enemy knows how to use you and destroy what’s around you.

He would make you feel like you aren’t worth anything he would trigger : anxiety Panic attacks bad mood swings rants complaining about life even make you have suicidal thoughts .

But we don’t see it this way we would question our ability to surrender and be so weak.

But let me tell you a little secret I’ve looked around and found my place of peace and tranquility. Have you ever prayed so much that you have forgotten why you was praying.

Have you enter a church where you’ve felt like you belong and feel at home. That’s god he always has his hands open and ready to help you heal.

There’s a saying in the Bible don’t quote me because I’m not sure if I’m correct I’m still learning.

“Come to me with open arms and I’ll heal and protect you with an open heart. ”

When opening to god you have to go with an open heart open mind and forgive and forget the pass.

Yes you would be tested over and over again yes you would lose friends family even relationship that aren’t meant to be why ? Because god has a plan for a purpose to forFill.

I just started my journey and I can say that it’s been tough and so emotional but what I can say when I open up my bible or listen to Messages on YouTube it calms me down and all my worries are gone. Started with my baptism classes who would say I’ll be excited but I am to learn his word and understand so I could teach my daughters so I could help my husband understand why it’s important in a relationship so many reasons why we need to look for god not only when we in pain or hurt or even sick we need to look for god when we are good and blessed in every way. Because yes god is good all the time even on the bad emotional days just pray and he would listen. 


Remember live laugh love and always smile because we live every day but we die once 🥰

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Meli Mel