Fighting my demons

Ever wake up so dizzy 🥴 and confused about life, not knowing where to go or what to do.

After it all you still don’t know! How to deal with all this pain. So many situations happening at once, dealing with so much negativity.

Oh lord may who ever is dealing with there demons. May you cover them with your blood and protect them from all evil and negativity against them. Amén

What I mean about demons? We all Fight with our minds everyday. Trying to do everything right, But we’re not perfect. It’s always a way a demon could destroy your world your life in some way.

In our minds we could do so many things to hurt ours who’s hurt us or even worst. We fight with demons all the time. They come in so many shapes and forms. ( brother, sister , mother , father , spouse ) etc. some way they would get to you if you weak ( meaning flesh and mind ) even sometimes your emotions may even betray you.

Pray! Pray and god for sure would listen. Look for him, love you first before loving anyone else. Never think it’s the end for you because only god would decide when is your time. is never to late to find your purpose in life and finding god. Oh my god his so good 😊.


Your crazy little blogger

Meli Mel

Remember smile laugh so hard that it hurts enjoy life because we live it everyday but we only die once