Sleeping with the enemy

People will say why sleeping with the enemy? Because it isn’t only your partner that you may say something like that.

Friends family neighbors coworkers you could name them all. You would never know what a person envy’s you or envy’s what you have.

Been married for 6 years in a relationship for 7 years. I thought I had the perfect relationship.

Till October 30, reality smacked me in my face. Yes no one is perfect every relationship has problems. But when a person is to real some how some way they could fall in the cracks and get lost it’s happened to so many.

Never try to satisfy others for not being like them. Being you is unique that’s why we was created differently.

Never try to protect someone from being hurt because you would never know how much pain you would cause or you may make it worst.

Having friends around your family isn’t so good. Some people want you to do good but never better then them. They would hit you from the back with out you even knowing. Dealing with a snake 🐍 is so hard to get rid of especially someone who’s lived in your home when he had no where else to live. Someone who you called brother and who tried to take everything and end it with out any remorse. People like that you need to finish them but the right way.

I’ve found so much peace in going to church and dealing with so many situations at once’s that if it wasn’t for my lord almighty I think I’ve would of lost it.

Give god your enemies and worries and god would deal with it all.

The same way a snake moves is the same way lots of people move now in days you have to have faith and hope in god. Because this world is coming to an end soon.


Live love ❤️ smile

We live every day

We die once

So enjoy 😊 what you have in front and let go of what was

Your crazy blogger

MeliMel 😊