The sad truth

This world has become to shit excuse my French.

There’s no such thing as real friends real relationships real family why?

People envy people

People are jealous of what others have

People enjoy being second plate

They manipulate things to get what they want.

What’s sadder is that women don’t know how to give themselves respect ✊

Women think by having a child a man is going to stay and take care of his responsibilities, nah sorry if you a side piece that’s all you are nothing more or nothing less you was just a nut 🥜

Sorry women is just truth we bring children into this world that isn’t wanted they they wonder why there’s so many criminals.

Why I say criminals because with out a father the foundation of a home is broken. Having a broken home and raising children isn’t so easy. I can say this by experience yes as a single mother we have to be strong and teach them right from wrong explain to them about the world but a child always needs they’re father. Why bring one to this world if they missing that puzzle. Because she’s selfish she wants to be the one with the attention.

But it’s life right.

We have to change how people speak about women in lighten them with our knowledge let the world know that the women from the pass is shaking in they’re grave wondering why we are disrespecting and devaluing what they create for us in the future.

Instead of women becoming more empowering we are losing value on who we are and who we can become.

But then again this generation isn’t up for changing things. They only care about they’re phones smh this generation needs love hugs and spanking smh.


Remember to always smile

Live every day because we only die once

Live live laugh

Your crazy blogger

MeliMel 💕