Ladies can you relate

When dealing with betrayal? What do you do to forget the pain, how can you cope with it?

One we will never forget, but how to move on.

It isn’t easy, especially when it wasn’t you.

Turning a new left, starting new things. Seeing how much he/she loves you, seeing the effort to change and participate in family events. He or she wanting you around more, communication is more then before.

Yes these are thing we women want : communication, participation, loyalty and most of all to be loved and respected.

I’ve find going to church has help me find peace.

Maybe going to the gym or even reading writing would help you

But nothing better then the lord now that’s peace.

We as humans make so many mistakes .

No one is perfect but if they do it again and again then that would be called selfishness

To be continued :

Smile don’t let that light go out

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