Faces of betrayal

Ever been betrayed?

That’s the worst feeling ever, how to deal with situations that we can’t control. But what if we have that choice of staying or flying away and not caring.

Or stay and try to fix something you love.

So many things can run through your mind so much you could say.

One thing I could say never fix pain with pain it feels worst.

But can you fix love, can that love rekindle and spark like it did before.

After so much pain, what can one do.

I don’t know all the answers but what do know is if you love someone you don’t hurt them. And if you truly love someone you would try day by day step by step.

Or just let go and let time heal your soul

But what I can say is never trust a soul with you heart only the real ones would know but even those will hurt you so be very careful with love.


Always I mean always smile

Laugh and live because we live everyday we die once so choose wisely

Love your crazy blogger

Meli Mel 🙏🏼