Love what it really means and are you really in love

So many people use the word love as if they really know what it means or if they actually have felt it?

You could feel love by loving your mother, your father, your siblings, even have loved your dog.

But loving isn’t just having someone or becoming obsessed by them. Love is weird in a way.

Loving someone is enjoy they’re growth being part of who they’ve become and seeing them accomplish they’re dreams now that’s love.

When you could just enjoy the simplicity of life with another person and just want to see the good in them now you found your soulmate.

Like loving your children and just enjoy watching them grow and accomplish everything you said they could do that’s love.

No one is perfect everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them everyday. But is on you to choice the right path for you what makes you happy what you enjoy and love.

Now ask yourself this question are you in love? Have you felt yet? How it makes you feel? So what’s your answer

Always remember to smile and enjoy life we live everyday and we die once so enjoy life till your last breath 😊

Meli Mel 🤓