When being blind may cause you your life !

To many people may say this quote ” when your trust Has blinded you, and they just stab you in the back” will something like this.

To many people don’t know the meaning of being loyal or being real. This generation has real, fake and loyalty very mixed up. Not caring what it really means.

How can you really know if a person is loyal or fake, so many ask this question. I ask myself this everyday.

To me actions speak louder then words, especially when that person speaks to much. Or speaks more then they should. It hurts more when you consider that person as family and you go to the extreme to have this person back. Mind you everyone around you tells you what they see in that person. That’s when you can say your heart has blinded you from their true actions.

Not to many can deal with betrayal, how would you deal with a situation that you can’t even control.

It really sucks right!

And even with dealing with a situation of betrayal you still continue to keep that person safe.

Being a person with a good heart has to many challenges in life to deal with.

Loving to much

Caring to much

Understanding to much

And letting things slide to the extreme.

So why!

Ask yourself “why”?

Why care

Why understand

Why love so much that we become blind to every fake and evil action?

I say denial, why because we don’t want to accept what we see in this person. We don’t want to be disappointed, angry and hurt this person.

But ask yourself this question why is it ok for this person to hurt you and you can’t destroy them back.

Well karma works in different ways, why waste your time showing them. When sooner or later, their going to get everything will hit them back.

P.S/ remember always stay true to yourself never try to fit in stay weird stay being you and always be real. Live love laugh and smile the light is always at the end of every tunnel.

Melanie Aquino 🌸