How men live a double life and get away with it

Listen ladies, we ain’t angels, but when it comes to men and their games, we get crazy.

How a man lives a double life and not either of the women know about it, is easy. Like, they’re going to work for 12-16 hrs. a day and the ladies will never know. Why you ask? Because theres 24 hours in a day; they have to sleep some how and in between that time the men are working at night and some may go home for the night.

Now ladies not all men do this, only the ones who love attention and who love to cheat.

But you guys cant tell me you never thought about this. Men are very messy when it comes to dirt and lies and that’s how they get caught.

It’s crazy how some men have children in two or three different relationships and the woman would never know. Now ladies we aren’t dumb we just are so naïve and gullible that we don’t want to see the truth because it hurts.

These are some men who say they love us the some men who say they won’t betray us but are the same men we love blindly.

So before you act on emotions make sure you have proof, because they would find so many things to make you feel like shit so you ladies could forgive them like they innocent.

Remember ladies not all men are like this they’re men who love you so much but are afraid of getting hurt so they would act as if they’re so mean and jerks.

Those men who say they love and adore you before assuming so remember ladies the once who try to give the world and act like they’re the best are the wrong ones.

P.S / live love laugh but most of all learn from all the lessons life gives you

🌸 Melimel