Fear and changes

What’s your worst fear?

What changes have to do with your biggest fears? How to cope with it all at once.

We all go through so many changes with out even knowing it was a change. Meaning new job, school, locations even new clothes and lifestyles, or a new partnership.

So why we fear changes?

Just maybe we think to much of different failures in life. We as adults think of what may happen, then taking that leap of faith. We let our minds take control and it becomes so bad that anxiety and doubts start to take over your mind.

Yes! That’s called fear, being in your comfort zone is all you know of at that moment. Not wanting a change you mind starts to control your emotions and physically starts to drain your thoughts 💭 .

So how can you cope with fear and changes?

A lot of people may cope with fear different ways:

  1. You could go to the gym to clear your mind.
  2. Meditation 🧘‍♀️ or even yoga.
  3. Write down your biggest fears and why you think it’s a fear and how you can control it.
  4. Start a new routine that would replace your old ones.
  5. But most of all listen to yourself and know your faith is more important then anything else.

Remember nothing is ever easy and big changes are good memories. You can always tell yourself you did it and your mind didn’t take control of your dreams.


P.S/Remember to always smile 😊 love live and laugh no matter what’s around you the sun will always shine bright in your favor.

Yours truly,

Melanie Aquino 🌸