What would kids do with out technology

I ask myself this question all the time!

How would children behave or even react with out technology. Due to a high demand on electronics.

I remember growing up and even wanting to watch television was something that our parents wouldn’t allowed us to watch before bed. But that wasn’t the worst we watched what ever our parents was watching at the time, so that means that if my parents were watching Spanish news that’s what we had to see.

Till everything started to change, beepers came out and that was a new way parents made sure that when the message said 911 that means call and come home.

It wasn’t long after the cell phones came in, boy I remember leaving the phone off the hook so I don’t have to answer to no one that was me blocking everyone. Who hasn’t done that?

Parents were able to call and speak to you and ask thousand questions before saying curfew. This generation would never know what it was to make sure you home before the lights outside comes on means. That was the good old days

Before all this technology, children paid attention more to there parents, even parents paid more attention in raising their children. Something that this generation is lacking. Sad to say to many children are being raised by technology. What they see is what their doing. Some children enjoy watching other kids play instead of going outside and play.

This generation has will never know what’s to play man hunt, what it was to rush and play in the park or even meet up in the mall for an outing with friends or play with toys. Sad but true, we as parents need to take all electronics away from our children and take control of their future and make sure they because very successful instead of losing our kids to the system or the streets.