Life “Before and After”

Where do I start!

Growing up I never imagined everything I have gone through in life; dealing with having a child at an early age and running away from home because I wasn’t happy. To living 14 years of abuse and being scared. Us women go through so many struggles in life.

So we as parents fight and hurt Each other. Not know how Miserable we are becoming.

We as women try and try again to make something work

We isolate from the world so no one would know:

Until it’s to late

Broken home

Broken heart

Us as women learn to pick up the pieces and move on

Not so easy for children, when they are wondering why or what happened, did they do something wrong , was it their fault how can they fix it.

Not knowing it was broken way before they were born.

When I say enjoy living life

Enjoy your teens and 20’s

Finish school , get a degree , buy a house , travel , I mean it.

I’m 35 years old, finishing my bachelor degree, starting my business, looking to buy my house. And dealing with lupus . This wasn’t what I had plan when I was young, I wanted to finish school play soft ball , become a cop and help the youth. And my hobby was painting and doing hair.

Who would of guessed everything was backwards I had 3 kids start school again when I was 27 and started my business at the age of 32 and at the age of 35 I’m looking to buy my first home.

Life has so many lessons we need to learn from like loving who we are , enjoying the little things we have.

I was blessed to have meet a man who loves my kids as his own, who has pushed me to do better and get what I want done.

I’ve learned so much in life, that I could still say I’m still learning.

Being Diagnosed with lupus made me change how I look at people how I see the world it could be the simplest things to just looking at the moon and enjoying the view.

Because not everyone can enjoy all those things some people are going through worst and can’t enjoy the simplicity of seeing the moon or hear the waves hit the rocks or even know if they going to be blessed to open their eyes the next day.

Yes we as parents have fear:

Fear of them getting sick

Fear of them getting hurt

Fear of just losing them

But we have to be strong and show them that everything is going to be alright.

Remember we only allow what we choose to have around

Yours truly,


Live love laugh and smile to shine 🌻