Dealing with pre-teens and their sexuality

As parents we forget what it was to be a teen!

Dealing with finding out who we are in this crazy world, understanding what it means to have different sexual experiences or having curiosity of the opposite sex.

This worry’s plenty of parents, but can they sit down and try and remember what they went through growing up. Try to understand what their child is going through. Try and listen to their words instead of their actions for a minute.

Growing up we didn’t see to much of same sex relationships or so many coming out the closest. A lot of people were scared of society and what would be said.

This generation don’t care of what others think 💭, they care more of their own feelings and being comfortable and happy.

Dealing with pre-teens we have to be ready to deal with lots of ups and downs. I say our children follow what they see and what we allow them to see and do.

No I’m not prefect, no parent is, we do what we feel is right, we help, encourage our children to thrive to become what ever they want to be in the future.

We never ready to hear our children say that they are confused of their sexuality. As much as it may hurt us as parents we may say where did we fail. It isn’t your fault! It happens to the best of parents.

I’m a mother to 3 wonderful very intelligent spiritual individuals. My son who’s 18 years of age in college and a homosexual. Not something easy to say but I knew who my son was since he was young. I waited till he was 12 years old before entering high school to ask him what was his sexual preference. Seriously this was a question that I was even afraid of asking but I knew my son needed that Closure.

Yes, I got sick 😷 I cried I was hurt 😢 but deep down inside I knew a weight was lifted from his shoulders. My son was so angry and confused. He didn’t have to act like someone else to be accept in society.

Yes, I’m a proud parent who has a smart college young man. Who’s in tune with his sexuality and is proud of who he is.

But do to all this what would happen to the rest of the family, what would happen when your other children enter their pre-teens.

The million dollar question?

Now I have another pre-teen who’s confused of who she is, confused of her sexuality.

What can I do, let her be, let her find herself. Not really, as a women we all go through different stages and confuse ourselves. we go through so many changes and try to find where we belong in this world.

I personally don’t think my daughter is gay, am In denial maybe, maybe not. If you know your child and know who they are, you would know if they’re confused 🤷🏼‍♀️.

In society being gay isn’t easy dealing with people who hurt the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community is every where. We as parents fear about everything. And yes I always have that fear especially having a very out spoken son who believes in his rights.

We as parents don’t expect to enter into conversation about sexuality, or even talking about sex to any of our children. But that’s why we are here to guide them in finding who they are.


We as parents have to put our phones down and speak and listen to our children give them time and enjoy them. Because once they’re grown and have a mind of their own, we may not be in their agenda.

Live love laugh and smile so the world could shine 🥰

Yours truly,